Released by Universal-International and directed by Max Ophüls, Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948) is based on the novella of the same name by Stefan Zweig. It was selected for the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress stating that it was “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” Secondly, Persona (1966) is written and directed by Ingmar Bergman and is a psychological film. Lastly, August Strindberg was a Swedish playwright whose career spanned four decades. His play The Stronger (1889) consists of only one scene with only two women. …

Julie Dash is a writer, producer and director and was the first African-American female to have a feature length film in cinema. Daughters of the Dust (1991), a film which is set in 1902 on the South Carolina island of St Helena, where descendants of slaves have lived away from the 20th century of the US. Beyonce Knowles-Carter’s sixth solo project, Lemonade(2016), was released through a world premiere on HBO. Partially music video partially nonnarrative independent film, Lemonade(2016), won a Grammy award for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Both are non-linear narratives with the creators being African-American women. This essay will…

In this change of season,

the rain reminding me of how I am not drowning but breathing still

the dancing of sun’s light between the grey clouds

on a strange Thursday morning,

it tell’s me

how we all need saving.

How they won’t remember the layers of the snow like bedding on mountains

won’t remember the sun’s eyes glazed

over the high grass

they won’t remember the way it felt to be on the inside: stirring and grounded at the same time

they won’t remember what a heartbeat feels like on a babies’ thumb

This all stirs up in me unsettled sounds

When the sky…

‪In the heat of getting paid yesterday, I ordered 12 books.

I I feel no regret. My only concern is where they will fit on my shelf. I will find a way. Somehow. Sometimes to be full of too much emotion is to be trapped when you feel like floating. I am always full of this anger; it dances and the flames flow. My heart turns its cheek thinks ignoring the beating that’s ready to burst will calm itself, if I only stay still, but it just gets heavier and darker holds my chin and forces me to look in its face, to see that’s it’s not going anywhere. …

In January this year, I made a proclamation that the words grace and elegance will be the base of my decisions. In all aspects, my relationship with God, all my relationships with friends and family and my internal dealings with self-evaluation.

The family is and will always be a large part of my life. Knowing me in full means knowing my family, we are one in the same. Maybe not in looks or sometimes opinions but we share this connection. This want for the greater good for each other, this thirst for growth in each of us. We are unit…

Nimo Abdullahi

just trying to find the shades of colours, in everything.

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